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Monday, July 7, 2008

How to: Change and Modify Your Leopard Dock

Some people don't like the standard Leopard dock and there are a few ways to customize it. If you don't like your dock, go to Leoparddocks.com. Once there browse around until you find a dock that you prefer over the original one. You can find different indicators, make the dock 2-D and other things too. Once you found the selection you would like, click the Download link. Next, on the menu on the right side of the page, select LeopardDocks App Once the page loads select download. This small application will help you change the dock back and forth, add spaces in between the applications, and revert back to the default dock. Once you download it, open the .dmg (disk image file) and drag the application into the applications folder. Then, launch the application, select "choose folder..." and hit browse then find where you downloaded the dock from before. Select it then hit the button that says Change My Dock!. The dock will be relaunched and you will have the new dock. You may add spaces to your dock for organization or revert back to the original dock.
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