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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Flv Download helper

The next tip only works if you have Firefox. First, go here and download the downloadhelper. What this does is it takes the video in a website and t downloads it onto your desktop. The only problem is that it is in an flv format. To convert it I suggest freeflvconverter for a PC and for a mac, iSquint
Once you have it downloaded, go to a site that has a streaming movie and the three balls fill start moving around. Then you click on it and download it. I suggest a website like tv-links.cc or tv-links.eu but anything with streaming video will work. youtube.com will work well too. Once you have it downloaded, you will use a converter to make it the format you want. I will post a Youtube video soon because this theory is a little bit confusing.
Please post responses if your need any help or if you would like to comment.

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