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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Internet Browser is best

Mac users have a choice from 4 main browsers even though there are many more. There is Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Camino. All of these browsers are great and only vary slightly. I'll start of with my favorite browser, Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox Has support for Add-ons which some of are incredible, and though it is not the fastest it still is fast. Next on my list is Safari. Safari comes standard on all macs now and is the fastest internet browser for macs too. It is a simple browser which can be good and bad. If you are a small internet user who just uses their web browser to do small things, I think Safari is the best option for you. Next, is Opera. Like Safari, Opera is a fast browser but unlike Safari, it is not simple at all. There are Add-On Gadget things that you can download and use but are nothing like Firefox's. Opera is a great backup browser and for some people a great browser. Lastly, there is Camino. I don;t see the point of Camino. It is supposed to be a Mozilla based browser or in other words it is supposed to be like Firefox but it has no support for Add-ons that I know about. I think if you are using Camino, Tryout a different browser and think about why you are using Camino. Some say it is faster than Firefox and takes up less CPU/RAM and I agree, but so does Safari and Opera.

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Anonymous said...

What about Chrome?



Emily Watson said...

I know that firefox is the best of all the browsers ...

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mehdi said...

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