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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How To: Get free music using playlist.com and downloadhelper

In order to get free music using playlist.com, you must have Firefox first. I suggest the newest version but the older ones will work too. Firefox can be found at Firefox.com. Once you have Firefox, you need to get downloadhelper which I have talked about in other tutorials. Downloadhelper can be found at Downloadhelper.net. From here click download this extension then you will need to restart firefox and be ready to move on to the next step. Once you are ready to move on, go to Playlist.com and then type in the song or artist you want in the search bar, and hit enter. Once the search results appera, hit play on the song you want. After it starts playing, your downloadhelper icon in firefox will start moving around. Click on the arrow next to the graphic and sellect the mp3 file and then hit save. The download will be done within 20 seconds and when it is done you may drag it into iTunes or any other player and it should import the song name, artist and album.
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maelito said...

its good technique i just dont know how to drag it on to itunes can u help reply back please send me a email at cruzmaelito@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

is there a possibility of virus with this method? I ask cos I dont know much about PCs and Internet but I want to download music for free but my laptop has already been wiped once cos of a virus....thanks

Adam said...

The possibility of a virus is very unlikely. Much less likely than limewire or other P2P file sharing networks. Good luck.

ookami_000 said...

you rock.
i've had a mac for a long time and i still feel like i don't know all there is to know. how to utilize everything. for some reason transmission isn't working. i tried it when you mentioned it in your video. i always just used utorrent on my mac

Anonymous said...

I can't convert it into mp3. It says something about not having registration.